• Does the Shake Me Rattle come with batteries?

    The Shake Me Rattle includes 3 complementary demo LR44 (coin) batteries.

  • What type of batteries is used in the Shake Me Rattle?

    The Shake Me Rattle operates using 3 LR44 (coin) batteries.

  • How do I change the batteries of the Shake Me Rattle?

    To change the batteries, unscrew the battery compartment cover on the underside of the ball) with a cross head screwdriver and insert 3 X LR44 1.5V (AG13) batteries, ensuring correct polarity. Replace the battery cover and screw tight.
    Attention: Please remove batteries when the toy is not in use for long periods.

  • Can I wash the Shake Me Rattle?

    Yes. The Shake me rattle  can only be surface washed.

  • The Yookidoo date code number helps us track the production date of the product.

    The date code of the Yookidoo “Shake Me” Rattle is on the product’s sewing label. It is a 5 digit number  and ends with the 2 letters: TF / LD.


  • The rattle does not make a sound.

    1. Turn the rattle Off and then On again.
    2. Tap the rattle against the surface.
    3. Change batteries.
    4. Contact us.

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