• Are batteries included with the Lights ‘N’ Music Fun Ball?

    Yes. 3 X AAA complementary demo batteries are included.

  • I’ve inserted the battery box into pouch. How do I make sure it won’t fall out?

    Use the Velcro fasteners to secure the battery box within its designated pouch.

  • How do I change batteries in the Lights ‘N’ Music Fun Ball?

    Release the Velcro fasteners and exert the battery box from its pouch. Using a Phillips Head screwdriver, unscrew the cover. Insert 3XAAA 1.5V batteries, ensuring correct polarity. Replace cover and screw tight. Then insert back into the pouch and secure with Velcro fasteners.

  • Can the ball be washed?

    The Lights ‘N’ Music Fun Ball can only be surface washed.

  • What is the date code and where can I find it on the product?

    The Yookidoo date code number helps us track the production date of the product. The date code of the Yookidoo Lights ‘N’ Music Fun Ball is on the battery lid. It is a 5 digit number and ends with the 2 letters: TF / LD.


  • There are not lights or music playing.

    1. Take out the battery box from pouch. Turn off and back on. Insert back into the pouch.
    2. Tap the ball against surface.
    3. Change batteries.

    4. Contact us.

  • There is music but not lights/ There are lights but not music.

    1. Change batteries.
    2. Contact us.

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