• How do I transform the gym from its laying position to the sit-up position?

When your baby shows signs that he is ready and tries to sit up by himself, it’s a good time to transition the gym to its sit-up position. The transition is easy! Watch this video tutorial to learn how.

  • How do I know if my baby is ready for the sit up position?

Your baby is ready for the sit up position if you notice efforts in sitting, such as stretching his neck and shoulders to look around from a reclined position. He should be engaged with you and looking around. He is not ready if he cannot support his head.

  • How can I make sure my baby doesn’t slouch down in the sit up position?

Find and tighten the safety trap with the buckle on either side of the safety seat pad. Adjust the strap locations up for larger babies, and unfold the seat flap (as shown in instructions) to increase support.

  • What age is the Sit-Up Stage for?

Stage 3: Sit Up and Play is geared towards babies who can hold their heads safely and are beginning to independently show interest in sitting upright.

  • Is there a weight limitation for this product?

Yes, the maximum weight allowed is 11 kg/ 25 lb.

  • Why should I want my baby to sit?

Sitting allows your baby to see and interact with the world around him, both socially and with observation in a way that only laying down can inhibit.


  • Why won’t the arches lock?

The Gymotion arches will lock only when the mat is placed on an even surface and laying flat.

  • How do I fold the arches?

Turn the keys on the sides of the gym to switch from locked to unlocked (see instructions – image 3).

  • What is the size of the Gymotion when fully folded?

The Gymotion folds up to the size of 70 cm X 46 cm.

  • Can I wash the mat?

The Gymotion mat and tummy time pillow are machine washable.

  • How can I wash the dolls and rattles?

All accessories and dolls included with the Gymotion should be surface washed only!

  • How do I detach the mat from structure?

Attention! Make sure the baby is not on the mat when detaching mat from frame! Fold the gym, as noted in the instructions. Then, unfasten the Velcro straps at the bottom of the pockets and on the seat back and carrying handle slot. Pull the mat upwards and out of the gym frame.

  • Does it include batteries?

The Gymotion Lay to Sit Up Play includes 3 LR44 button batteries, for use in the musical toy plane. No other parts of this item require batteries.

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