Especially made for small hands, the FunElefun is easy to grasp by the ears. Grasping FunElefun, filling with water and attaching the different trunk accessories for delightful water effects, helps to develop your toddler’s muscles and fine motor skills.

“Play their way”- At around 18 months, your energetic toddler will want to do everything by themselves. This is an important milestone for the development of their cognitive skills. Enable them to explore and experiment with the different trunk accessories and water effects and learn about “hydropower” through fun and play.

Connect the sprinkler nozzle for super sprinkling fun! Replace with the spinning water mills, fill the FunElefun with water and watch the mills wildly spin and splash! Connect the twistable trunk sprayer for a real elephant shower! Playing with the trunk accessories, each with different water effects, sparks your toddler imagination and creativity.

FunElefun comes with a large suction cup hanger that attaches to the tub for easy play & storage.

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