Playmat folds to become a carrying bag. For indoor and outdoor.

In the first couple of months, place your baby on their back and watch with awe as they explore and discover the world around them.


Use the rattle to engage with your baby and promote their gross motor skills as they reach out and try to grasp.


The extra-large playmat enables plenty of room to move around, as your baby grows and practices tummy time.


Sit next to your baby and lift the ‘peek-a-boo’ crinkly flags. Watch as baby reaches out and reacts to the tactile and visual stimulation. An excellent way to develop object permanence.


To extend tummy time, place the large mirror on the playmat allowing your baby to see their own reflection as they practice repeated head lifting. Shake mirror, the rattle at the back will stimulate your baby to extant tummy time. When baby grows, use the teether located at the back of the mirror.


The motion activated parrot rattle is excellent for solo or social play with your baby. What a great way to teach cause and effect and develop their motor skills.

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