• Do I need batteries for the discovery playmat?

    No. No batteries needed.

  • Can the mat be washed?

    Yes. Remove the activities before washing and then the mat is machine washable.

  • Can I wash the development activity toys?

    Yes, but only surface wash.

  • How do I connect the play house to the mat?

    Use the Velcro straps to connect the play house to the mat.

  • Should I place another blanket under the play mat for safety?

    The playmat is extra padded and has a cushy feeling. However, if you feel more support is needed, it is o.k. to place the mat over a blanket or carpeting.

  • What is the date code and where can I find it on the product?

    The Yookidoo date code helps us track the production date of the product. The date code of the Yookidoo Discovery Playmat is on the sewing label. It is a 5 digit number and ends with the 2 letters: TF / LD.

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